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bio-pak take-out boxesBio-Pak Take-out Boxes

Bio-Pak take-out boxes offer high quality and image in take home containers. They are leak and grease resistant, microwaveable, stack-able and are easy to use. Bio-Pak will easily hold hot, cold, wet, or dry foods. Most importantly, Bio-Pak take-out boxes will keep your foods fresh.

Bio-pak take-out boxes are the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious business owner and consumer. Made from paper that's manufacturing process only includes trees in environmentally-managed forests, these white take-out boxes are the ideal alternative to plastic, foam, or aluminum containers.

Customers will always appreciate the easy-to-use one piece design as well as this products capabilities in holding heavy and/or moist foods. Bio-pak take out containers are also a fun and inexpensive way to package a number of food related gifts.

If you have not found the size or color of Bio-pak container you are looking for on our website today, please do not hesitate to contact us directly to see if we have the product you are looking for in stock.