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Ultimate Espresso Gift for 2015 Holiday Season
2015 Holiday Gift Package - Ultimate Espresso Gift
Our Price: $395.00

We make gift giving easy for your coffee connoisseur this Holiday Season. Ready to wrap, this ultimate espresso gift contains a Flexy Brewer, case of 100 Intenso espresso capsules, and a set of two elegant black espresso cups and saucers. Shipping is included to all 50 states. Weighing 8.3 pounds, this very portable brewer can be placed on a kitchen counter, behind your desk at work, or taken with you on business trips. It's dimensions are 9.7" deep by 4.73" wide, by 14.9" high. There are two preset drink options, a short espresso or a long espresso. There is a .6 liter water tank and the waste container holds 10 capsules. Easy one button push operation and a delicious espresso is ready in 30 seconds. As seen in the photo, the color is white. Includes One Year Warranty. Additional espresso available at $60 per case of 100 capsules including shipping.

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Welcome to King's Cup Online!

Your online source for Wholesale Breakroom Supplies, Janitorial/Paper Supplies
and Office Coffee Supplies

King’s Cup Online is now happy to announce that we will be shipping our wholesale breakroom supplies throughout the United States. We have been providing our office coffee services to South Florida for many years now, and it is time the rest of the country gains access to our amazing discounts on products so many business owners need to keep their employee breakrooms, reception areas, hotel lobbies, and more, stocked.

Who we service

King’s Cup provides our wholesale breakroom supplies, coffee supplies and janitorial / paper supplies to companies of all sizes from large fortune 500 branch locations to a small offices. Some of our most common types of clients are office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, and cafés located in South Florida and now around the country. We also provide an excellent office coffee service to Broward and Palm Beach, FL counties as well. For more information on this service please visit our Office Coffee Service page.

Competitive Pricing... Excellent customer service

If you are looking to cut costs and improve service on your day-to-day breakroom supply, janitorial supply, or office coffee needs, and make your office operations a little more convenient, then you have found the right place.

Please feel free to check out our website, explore our products, services, and competitive pricing. We have a variety of office coffee supplies, janitorial supplies and office breakroom supplies. If you are customer who is not 100% satisfied with your current service and want an on-site evaluation of your office coffee / breakroom supply needs, feel free to give us a call or fill out the information request form on the Contact Us page.

Account Referral Incentive

Check this out. We get a lot of our business from referrals, so here is the deal. If you refer a new customer to us we will pay you 5% of our revenue on the total sales for that customer for the entire calendar year. That's right, we will cut you a check at the end of the year! For more information or to refer a customer please give us a call at (954)253-2225. Thank you in advance... King's Cup

Competitor Price Match

We will gladly meet and / or beat the price of any local Florida breakroom supply company or local Florida office coffee service using the same equipment or supply brand and in-house delivery. Simply copy and paste the url from the web page where you found this price and forward it to us in the contact us section. An adjustment will be made to your bill.